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These are drawings, colorings, or photos I like or have done. I don't have much artwork to show.
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These are other DeviantArt members' artwork that I like or want to share. I also keep surveys that I plan to fill out.
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By MuffledScreaming:

NOTE: I am indecisive and not creative, so I will not be following the rules of roleplay or tagging.  I don't do favorites on people or characters, so I just tried to stick with the main characters: World 8, G8, and HetaOni.  I wrote each character's name on a paper, put them in a cup, and drew each one out randomly.  Then I listed the characters in the order they were drawn.

1. Make a list of 10 Hetalia characters.
2. Put the characters in the number spaces.
3. This works best as a bit of roleplay xD
4. No tag-backs damnit X_X
5. Feel free to use 2p!Characters or Nyotalia.

1. America
2. France
3. Prussia
4. Germany
5. Russia
6. Canada
7. North Italy
8. China
9. Japan
10. England

1. You woke up, opening your eyes to see [3] Prussia sleeping peacefully beside you.
I'd be shocked and scared.  That means he broke in, so I would call the police, then wake him up and demand an explanation for his "unawesome" behavior.  Finally, I would put my pajamas all my bedding in the laundry.

2. After that fiasco, you walked down stairs to be greeted by [4] Germany and [1] America who were arguing in your kitchen.  What happens?
Again, this is another break-in.  The arguing would have woken me up, so I would call the police, then rush to the kitchen to see what was going on, then demand an explanation.

3. Once that argument has cleared up, you grab yourself some breakfast and walk out of the door.  But wait, someone is waiting outside for you.  It's [7] North Italy.
I say "Hi."

4. You walk to school with [7] Italy.  By the time you get there, [7] Italy is complaining about EVERYTHING.  What do you do to make him/her shut up?
Actually, I drive to school.  I would just let Italy complain and try to comfort him.

5. Somehow, he/she managed to be quiet.  You enter the school, and [2] France walks you to class.  How does that go?
He keeps trying to flirt, and I would get mad and tell him to stop.

6. In class, you are forced to sit next to [5] Russia, who has forgotten his/her book. What happens?
I would be nervous the whole time, and try not to make eye contact with him.  If I have to share my book with him, I would have to do it reluctantly, and take action to protect it.

7. During that lesson, [6] Canada sits behind you.  He/she keeps flirting with you.
I would tell him to stop, and he would apologize.  The flirting would have drawn the teacher's attention in the first place, so Canada would have gotten in trouble.  Actually, Canada wouldn't do something like that.

8. After that class, you had a free lesson - so you could do what you pleased.  [8] China, [9] Japan, and [10] England all decide to hang around with you during that time.  What happens?
I guess I talk to China and Japan, but try to avoid England, because he will make rude and arrogant comments.

9. Time for a bit of studying! You head to the library and take a seat beside [1] America.  Do you get ANY studying done?
I wouldn't sit next to America, because he will keep disturbing me.  If I had to sit next to him, and he starts talking, I would remind him that we have to be quiet in the library.  If I'm catching up on U.S. History, I might ask him for help.

10. Well, whether do you did or not, it's time for lunch.  You head to the lunch hall and sit with [2] France, [4] Germany, and [6] Canada.  What happens?
I think I would only sit with Canada and tell him that I feel sorry for him for being forgotten and ignored.  If the other two were also there, France would keep trying to flirt, and Germany would probably intimidate, scold, and yell at me for every mistake I make.  In this case, I would lose my appetite and not be able to eat.  Canada may ask those two to stop giving me a hard time, and Germany might scold France for flirting.

11. Time for home!! As you step outside of the school, [3] Prussia pulls up in his/her car. He/she asks if you need a lift home.  Do you take up their offer?
I have severe motion sickness, and cannot put up with his reckless driving.  Besides, I drove to school, so I would need to drive home.

12. When you get home, you collapse onto your couch and flip through the channels on the TV.  Then the phone rings.  You answer it, and it is [5] Russia declaring their love to you.  How do you react?
I would freak out, refuse him, and hang up.

13. After that... You decide to go to bed.  The only problem with that is... [8] China is in your bed. What happens?

This is a break-in again, so I would call the police, then ask China what he is doing there.  Afterwards, I would put my bedding in the laundry.  Actually, China wouldn't do something like that.

14. Once you manage to get your bed back, you lie down to go to sleep.  Just as you're about to fall into blissful slumber, you hear a tap on your window.  It's [7] Italy.  What do they want?
I would ask if he mistook my home for Germany's, or if he got lost.  If that's not so, he probably needed to ask me something about school.

15. Now you can FINALLY go to sleep.  But... [10] England has just ran into your room screaming from a nightmare.
It would be another break-in, so I would call the police, then have him explain what happened.  If England really is a gentleman as he proclaims, he would not do something like this.  Then again, he is a hypocrite, so I would rub his hypocrisy in his face, especially if he were the police at the moment.

16. Once [10] England has been comforted (or kicked out), you try to go to sleep again.  The only thing is, there is something under your bed! Taking a look, you see that it's [2] France.  What were they doing? And what do YOU do?
Not another break-in! I would have to call the police and demand explanation again.  I think I would have seen someone trying to get under my bed before I even try to go to sleep.  France probably came to try to flirt and poke into privacy, so I would yell at him.

17. After that, you can finally go to sleep.  In your dreams, you see a dancing [1] America, [4] Germany, and [6] Canada. Then, [9] Japan becomes magical and decides to tag 5 people~! Who do you tag?

I don't like tagging people.  It should be their choice to fill out this survey or not.  I would refuse to tag, then wake up.

Sorry for my boring, wrong, or offensive answers.  As I said, I am not creative.  I also have high morals and values, so I don't think, read, or write about nasty and improper things.  I didn't like how some of the characters got parts where they were OOC and insulting to them.


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Since the site uses the word, deviant, I chose a screen name related to it because I'm the black sheep of my family and society, often deviating and thinking and doing things different from others. Outlier is a statistical term for deviant or exception. Since outlier was taken, I tried to alter the spelling, and ended up with outlire.

Due to everything on DeviantArt accounts being public, I will not be posting pictures of myself or other personal content. I will only reveal those through private Notes. This means if we met somewhere outside DA, please do not mention my other screen names or information in public view.

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