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These are drawings, colorings, or photos I like or have done. I don't have much artwork to show.
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These are other DeviantArt members' artwork that I like or want to share. I also keep surveys that I plan to fill out.
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From Hetalia World Conference - Meme BlankChoose 10 characters:
1) You wake up and open your eyes, immediately you see [6] before your eyes. What do you do?
2) You stand up and go to the bathroom. You notice that [1] is in your shower. How do you react?
3) After you finally finished everything in the bathroom, you go into the kitchen and see that [10] makes breakfast for you. What will you do, will you eat it?
4) After that you go outside to drive to the world conference, but [3] is standing with his/her car infront of your house. Will you drive with him/her or do you rather drive with your car?
5) At the conference: [8] is annoying really much. What will you do?
6) You get hungry and at the break you go into a restaurant, but you notice that [2] stalks you. How will you react?
7) You have your meal infront of you. You want to eat it, but immediately [9], [3] and [4] is  sitting beside you. Do you agree that they sit here with you?
8) You eat your meal and then someone pokes your back, it is [5].

I don't do favorites on people or characters, so I just tried to stick with the main characters: World 8, G8, and HetaOni.  I wrote each character's name on a paper, put them in a cup, and drew each one out randomly.  Then I listed the characters in the order they were drawn.

Choose 10 characters:

1. France
2. China
3. Germany
4. North Italy
5. Japan
6. Canada
7. England
8. Russia
9. America
10. Prussia

1) You wake up and open your eyes, immediately you see 6 [Canada] before your eyes. What do you do?

I would be shocked, and ask him how he arrived and what he was doing, standing by my bed.  Then we'll probably talk, and I would tell him that I feel sorry for him because he is usually forgotten and ignored.

2) You stand up and go to the bathroom. You notice that 1 [France] is in your shower. How do you react?

I would probably scream out of fear and shock and cover my eyes.  Then I would yell at him for using my shower without permission, and call the police.  He would probably try to flirt, and I would yell at him some more.  If he used any of my supplies, I would make him pay.  Once he's out, I would wash and disinfect the whole shower and bathtub because I'm very paranoid of germs.

3) After you finally finished everything in the bathroom, you go into the kitchen and see that 10 [Prussia] makes breakfast for you. What will you do, will you eat it?

He would probably boast about his "awesome cooking" and ask me to eat it.  I would thank him and try it.

4) After that you go outside to drive to the world conference, but 3 [Germany] is standing with his/her car in front of your house. Will you drive with him/her or do you rather drive with your car?

I would say "No, thank you.  I get carsick very easily, and have places to go after the conference."

5) At the conference: 8 [Russia] is really annoying. What will you do?

This is no surprise.  He would very likely be annoying many others.  I would most likely be trying to avoid him, and with several others, we could tell him to stop it.  If he doesn't we'll kick him out.  He may be strong, but if several of us work together, then we would be stronger.

6) You get hungry and at the break you go into a restaurant, but you notice that 2 [China] stalks you. How will you react?

Why would China be stalking me in the first place? Maybe he wanted to get to know me better since I am also Asian.  I would ask if he needed something.

7) You have your meal in front of you. You want to eat it, but immediately 9 [America], 3 [Germany] and 4 [North Italy] is sitting beside you. Do you agree that they sit here with you?

I don't mind.  We could talk and get to know one another better.  Restaurant meals are often too much for me, so maybe I'll give them my leftovers.  America probably wanted to discuss some national issues with me since I'm his citizen.  While then, I would tell him to quit forgetting and ignoring his little brother.

8) You eat your meal and then someone pokes your back.  It is 5 [Japan]. What does he/she wants?

Japan is afraid of being rude, so he wouldn't do something like that.  He would probably say "Excuse me," then probably ask something about the world conference or other important things.  Since I a citizen of America, his friend, he would probably also want to get acquainted, especially since I'm also Asian.

9) You go back to the world conference and see that 7 [England] walks beside you and smirks at you. What will you do?

I'm not surprised since England is a smart alec.  I would probably just smirk back and say "Hi."

10) You are back at the conference and try to sit comfortably in your chair. 1 [France] and 9 [America] are looking at you and laugh. Why and what will you say to them? Or do you say nothing?

I would probably glare at them and ask, "What happened?" They would probably say that they were laughing at something else, but their real reason would be that I'm weird, especially for repeatedly reminding others to pay attention to Canada and punishing those who ignore and forget him.  Since I'm America's citizen, France might have asked him about me.

11) Again, the countries are not so much interested about the real problems in the world. You hear someone shouting. It is 4 [North Italy]. How will you react?

I would be startled, turn to him, and ask "Is something wrong?" If he is trying to get everyone to stop fighting I would agree and help him with it.  Actually, Germany would be the one shouting at them to stop fighting.

12) 9 [America] decides to go to you and whispers something in your ear. What is he whispering?

"How was your first world conference? As the hero, I tried to make it as good for you as I could."

13) After that information, the world conference ends and you try to go home, but after you pass the door, 8 [Russia] is pulling you aside. What does he/she wants?

He is mad at me for getting several others together to make him stop being annoying.  As revenge, he probably wants to torture me into becoming one with him.

14) 2 [China] notices you with 8 [Russia] and goes to you. Your reaction?

China is trying to get me away from Russia and tell him to stop bullying and stalking others.  That would be a relief.  At the same time, I might fear that they're trying to get me to support communism.  In that case, America would step in to try to be a hero and get me away from them.

15) They start to fight and 6 [Canada] goes to you, touches your buttocks, and asks why they are fighting. What will you say and what will you do?

I would be startled by the touch, then glare at him, and he would apologize.  Actually, Canada wouldn't touch me, so it was probably an accident.  For his question, I would tell him the truth, and he would probably tell them to stop fighting and explain to them how they are wrong.

16) 1 [France] sees that, too, and is shouting at them. He/she grabs your arm and pulls you out of this mess. How will you react?

France is probably yelling at Canada, "Love is not something you can force on others!" He would probably shout at Russia and China for possibly putting me in danger.  I would thank him.  Actually, the opposite is more likely to happen: France would more likely be the one touching me, with Canada yelling at him.

17) You say 'thank you' to 1 [France] and walk home until a car stops beside you. It is 10 [Prussia]. Will you enter the car or do you walk home alone?
How would I be walking home if I had driven to the world conference? Besides, I had other places to go afterwards.  If Prussia had stopped while I was walking home, I would politely turn him down and keep walking.

18) You are at home, finally. You lie down on your couch and turn on the TV. You see 2 [China] in a TV show. How do you react?

I don't think I would have any reaction since the country characters probably appear on TV a lot.

19) 5 [Japan] calls you and asks you if you see 2 [China] in the TV show too. What will you say?

I would just say, "Yes."

20) After that call, you listen carefully to the TV show and then you see 7 [England] comes to the show too. You notice that they are talking about you and that they really like you. Your reaction?

I would be embarrassed and nervous, which would make me put my guard up.  I want to be single, and don't want anybody stalking or sexually harassing me.

21) Again, your phone rings. You pick up and recognize that 8 [Russia] calls you and laughs like a idiot. What will you say?

I'm not surprised because that sounds like something Russia will do.  I'll just hang up.

22) Finally the call ends and the show is over. Then someone is knocking on your door. Can't you just live in peace? Well, you open the door and 3 [Germany] is standing here with flowers. Will you accept them and what will you say?

I would say, "Hi" and learn what the flowers are for.  If they are for love, then I will politely refuse.  If they are for friendship or apology for the chaotic world conference, then I would accept and thank him.

23) Strange things are happening today. It is evening and you want to go to the bathroom. Immediately you see 4 [Italy] half naked in your bathroom. What will you do?

I would be screaming in shock and fear and make sure he didn't touch anything.  He would probably apologize and wave his white flag.

24) You go into the shower and after you made yourself dry, you notice that someone watched you the whole time. You recognize that it was 10 [Prussia]. What do you do now?

I would yell at him, call the police, and file a report for sexual harassment and invasion of privacy.  I would also tell his brother about it.

25) It is 9 P.M. and actually you are already tired, but you turn on your laptop and see that you received a message from 6 [Canada]. What did he/she wrote and what will you answer back?
Canada's message: "I am sorry you had to sit through a chaotic meeting.  It happens a lot.  Thank you for getting others to pay attention to me! It's good that my brother has citizens who notice me.  I'm sorry about Russia torturing you and France using your shower without permission.  That's how they are, but France wouldn't do something like that to you again.  It was nice having a citizen at the world conference, and I hope to see you again some time."

My reply: "Thanks! It was nice seeing and talking to you, too.  Don't worry about what happened with me.  I am not surprised about many of the things at the world conference since I already know about them.  Others need to remember and pay attention to you.  It makes me mad when they don't.  My friends remember you, too.  I know France will not do such things to me again.  Despite his flirty and improper behavior, he is actually nice.  Russia is another story.  I would be nice to see you and Kumajirou again in the future."

If Canada really did touch me, this is what he would add: "I'm sorry for touching you.  It was an accident.  I was walking towards you when I got pushed."

My reply for Canada touching me: "Don't worry about it.  I understand you wouldn't purposely do something like that.

26) You wrote your message back and you thought that you can sleep now, but then you notice that something hit on your window. You open it and see 5 [Japan]. What does he want now and how will you react?
Japan probably wanted to get to know me better as well as discuss the world conference and what China and England said about me on TV.  I would let him in and talk.  Actually, he wouldn't arrive so late because that would be rude.  He would come earlier or wait until the next day, and knock on my door.

27) After that, you lie down in your bed again and... you receive a message from 7 [England]. What does he/she want, and will you write back?
England is probably asking about some missed information from world conference and if I saw him on TV.  He probably also wants to know how a citizen of his friend, America, ended up at the meeting.  I would reply, saying that I don't know how I got dragged to a world meeting, and politely let him know that I don't want a relationship.

28) You fall asleep and you dream about 4 [Italy], 6 [Canada], and 7 [England]. What do you dream?
Italy would probably be cooking and eating pasta, and Germany would be dragging him to training.  England and France would be fighting as usual, with America cheering them on and Canada forgotten.  I would be trying to fix their problems only to get myself in trouble.

29) You dream further and see that 2 [China] is envious of 7 [England] and wants to stab him? Your reaction?
I'm not surprised since those China and England don't get along.  If I had been taken to the Opium Wars in the dream, then a scene like this is very possible.  If I see any stabbing about to take place, I would scream out of fear and ask for the reason.

30) You wake up from your nightmare and look at your clock. It is 1 A.M. You notice that someone is laying beside you, it is 1 [France]. How will you react? (If you don't push 1 [France] out of your bed, he/she will hum for you until you fall back asleep :) (Smile) )
I would be screaming out of fear and shock, and ask him how and why he is there.  Then I would call the police and remind him that he said he wouldn't get into my property without permission.  He would probably apologize and help me wash my bedding.  I don't think I would be able to go back to sleep if I found someone in my bed.  In other words, no song will work.

-I've noticed quite a few questions involve characters in my place without my permission, and here is my answer to all of them: That wouldn't happen because I lock my doors.  If there were people in my place without my permission, that means they've broken in, so I would call the police.  My answers for those questions are based on characters being at my place by humanly impossible ways.
-Before reading the question, I thought this survey was just about Hetalia characters at a world conference.  I didn't know I would be the one at a world conference.  My answers to the questions about the world conference would be: There is no way I would be at a world conference.  If I get asked to go to one, I would think there is a big mistake because I'm not even part of any government.  I'm a history and politics idiot.  My answers are based on ways that are impossible in real life.
-Sorry if my responses were boring, wrong, or offensive.  I am not creative.  I also have high morals and values, so I don't think, read, or write about nasty and improper things.  I didn't like how some of the characters got parts where they were OOC.  That is insulting to them.


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Since the site uses the word, deviant, I chose a screen name related to it because I'm the black sheep of my family and society, often deviating and thinking and doing things different from others. Outlier is a statistical term for deviant or exception. Since outlier was taken, I tried to alter the spelling, and ended up with outlire.

Due to everything on DeviantArt accounts being public, I will not be posting pictures of myself or other personal content. I will only reveal those through private Notes. This means if we met somewhere outside DA, please do not mention my other screen names or information in public view.

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